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By Michael Andronico (

Connecticut rockers Ula Ruth are ready for your ears, so ready that they’ve decided to release their debut EP “Extended Play” for free on Bandcamp. The quartet, made up of frontman Nicholas James, bassist Kevin Clymer, guitarist Dean Miller, and drummer Lucas James, bring a very classic quality to their rock n’ roll despite their young age.

EP opener “Empty” is the perfect introduction to the group’s toe-tapping sound, while “Dance All Night” boasts the most instantly catchy chorus on the album. The midtempo “Call to the Lonely” keeps things moving along, before the band strip things down for slow-burning closer “Water on Cigarettes.” James’ voice has an arresting rasp to it, most notably on the final track.

There’s something about Ula Ruth that’s comfortingly familiar, though their fresh take on rock n’ roll is hard to come by in this generation of music. The CT four-piece hint at a ton of potential on their debut, and could become real rock heavyweights if they keep making music like this.

New Rock Music: Ula Ruth


Ula Ruth have that new rock and roll sound that is just so hard to find nowadays. They got the wailing guitars, crunchy bass, and pounding drums that you look for in a new rock band. Vocalist Nick James has a voice tailor-made for rock and roll: rough, passionate, and versatile.

These guys have catchy tunes that you can compare to The Arctic Monkeys and Motel (except in English) with a nod to southern rock mixed in for good measure. These boys from the suburbs of Connecticut have talent and are eager to prove it to you.

Ula Ruth just released their first EP Extended Play June 4 of this year. Here’s a track from that EP called Empty. Have a listen and get rocking with Ula Ruth.

By Dave (SeedsTheHypeTree)


Wangled Up & Bruised:

“Brothers Nicholas and Lucas James may have had a wholesome upbringing—home school, Quaker school, Connecticut suburbs—but they didn’t let that corrupt their rock and roll souls. The brothers stood by their “hot sauce-lovin’, God-fearin’, skinny jeans-wearin’” values, joining up with likeminded brethren Kevin Clymer and Andrew LeCoche to form Ula Ruth in 2011. Their rock is steeped in distortion, with banged up and bruised grooves. Exhibit A: “Empty,” a stylish and subversive rocker with zig-zagging guitars engulfed in feedback. Exhibit B: “Call To The Lonely,” where handclaps, reverb riffs, guttural bass lines and throaty hollers combine for the New England version of Kings of Leon. “I always open my mouth instead of walking away,” Nick laments. Be glad he does—Ula Ruth’s rebel yell is worth the listen.” -Kate B (Ourstage)

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